Luxury VW Camper Hire

We specialise IN providing modern VW CampervanS for hire
we are located in Woking, Surrey, UK

VW Campervan Interior


Our first van, a 2014 Transporter T5, has been newly converted for 2018 and features some of the most up-to-date mod cons on the market to make your trip as luxurious, stress-free and family-friendly as possible.

VW Campervan Side Sunset


The liberating joy of hiring a campervan means there is no need to feel bound to any one place. You can stay as little or as long as you like before packing up in minimal time and heading for your next destination. Just pick up your VW Camper from Woking in Surrey and off you go!

VW Campervan Scenic Roof Sunset


The campervan experience is unlike any other adventure in the world. There are places you can explore and journeys you can make that simply wouldn’t be possible by other means. For any advice on UK hidden gems don’t hesitate to get in touch!